My Digital Literacy Adventure: Lesson 1

Teaching kids about Digital Literacy can feel like a daunting task. This lesson allows kids to understand Digital Literacy in an exciting way! Join the adventure to learn what you need to “pack” for your online journey.

  1. Watch the video to learn more about the Digital Literacy skills kids need in order to navigate their online journey.
  2. Download the activity templates to engage students, set goals, and assess their skills. There are multiple options to choose from that are adapted for different grade levels and abilities. Once you pick your template, you can download it and print it or import it into Google Slides and Seesaw. The preview for each activity is below the downloadable file.
  3. Use the pre-made Seesaw activity or Google Slideshow for your students. Just follow the instructions above each link.
  4. Use the rubric for student-centered assessment. This rubric can be used at the beginning of the course and at the end to determine their growth.
  5. Download the Digital Literacy poster to refer to throughout the course.

Video Lesson

Activity Templates

Pre-Made Activities


Click the Seesaw activity link to receive access to the pre-made lesson and activity. Add it to your Library to make any changes or adjustments.

My Digital Literacy Seesaw Activity

Google Slides

Click the link to receive access to a copy of the lesson and activity. It will then ask “Would you like to make a copy of My Digital Literacy Adventure?” From there, click “Make a Copy” and you will have a copy in your Google Drive. You can then add or remove slides based on your grade level and lesson.

My Digital Literacy Adventure Google Slides Template


Other Resources

All graphics, videos, and illustrations are from Canva.


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