Course Outline

The course will focus on 5 main themes of digital and media literacy. Each theme will have a video lesson and activities. The course can be done within a 3-6 week time frame with one-two lessons a week, including an introduction and conclusion lesson.

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Lesson 1: My Digital Literacy Adventure
This lesson will introduce the important skills of Digital Literacy in an engaging way. Students will also use the Digital Literacy Rubric to determine what they know about the topic already.

Lesson 2: “Look Closely and Think Critically”
The lesson will focus on the skill of critical thinking and deciphering real vs. fake news.

Lesson 3: “Think Before you Share”
Students will learn about the importance of using Digital Citizenship skills and engaging thoughtfully online.

Lesson 4: “Be Creative”
This lesson will encourage students to use creativity with online tools, apps, and websites. They will also learn the importance of collaborating and sharing their creativity with others.

Lesson 5: “Show Empathy”
Students will take part in activities that encourage empathy, kindness, and understanding. They will also have time to reflect on their own Digital Footprint and think about how to move forward online with empathy.

Lesson 6: “Use Your Voice”
This is the final theme of the Digital Literacy course. Students will learn the importance of raising awareness, empowering others, and using their voice online. They will also determine goals and establish a plan that encourages them to move forward with activism and leadership.

Lesson 7: Conclusion Lesson
This is the final lesson of the course. Students will reflect on what they learned about Digital Literacy and they will share their findings with others. They may also use the Digital Literacy rubric to assess their growth over the course.

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